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Internationalization & Remarketing

It is only a few years ago that the largest suppliers of large volumes of cars did business with only a few buyers. After all, the remarketing had to be done efficiently. Without any doubt, the remake measurement is the part of the automotive industry that has been uniquely quickly professionalized and internationalized. Thanks to digitization, it is now possible to do business with the whole of Europe from behind your screen. These developments have changed the remarketing world forever. The need for import and export has subsequently made remarketing more dynamic and interesting.

Which developments in the Netherlands led to an increase of imports and exports?

  • For other countries, the internationalization was already longer, but in the Netherlands the internationalization took off when in 2007 the remaining part of the luxury tax BPM became recoverable. The export of cars thus became almost an industry.
  • The arrival of the Euro made the prices more transparent than ever. Comparing prices became a lot less complicated
  • The digitization ensured that cars could be brought to the attention of modern portals internationally in a simple way.
  • In the past, a trade-in car was a necessary evil to sell a new car. In recent years, many large dealer holding companies have become convinced that used cars are a profit center. In order to meet customer demand exactly, it is necessary to specifically search for specific cars. It is unwise to limit yourself to the country in which the company is located.
  • The supply of large suppliers per country often does not match the demand in the country. This makes it necessary to achieve the right sales price to also offer to interested parties from other countries