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Inspection & Remarketing

The world of car remarketing inspection has been digitized rapidly in recent years. There are countless possibilities to make remarketing processes more efficient. Internet helps us with that. The remarketing process starts with the remarketing inspection in almost all cases.

Why a car remarketing inspection?

By means of the remarketing inspection you determine the state and specifications of a car.
A well-executed remarketing inspection includes the following:

  • Badge data and / or vehicle data
  • Ownership history
  • Inspection of the optical state and optical damage of the car
  • Inspection of the technical condition and technical damage of the car
  • Inspection of the value-enhancing options of the car
  • Inspection of the value-reducing shortcomings of the car
  • Observations following the test drive

How are findings from the car remarketing inspection assessed?

The deviations observed at the car remarketing inspection must be assessed on the basis of age and mileage. Subsequently, these cases must be assessed as acceptable in relation to age and mileage. if things are not acceptable, the depreciation is usually expressed as a percentage of the repair costs. If an alternative repair method is used in the car remarketing inspection, then the depreciation is usually 100% of the costs of curing. If a classic repair method such as dent removal and spraying is used in the car remarketing inspection, the value depreciation is usually lower than the repair costs. In many cases, percentages of 30% to 50% are used here.

What can Vi Automotive mean for car remarketing inspections?

Vi Automotive is a remarketing inspection specialist. Founder Rolf van Essen stood at the cradle of remarketing & inspection companies such as, (AVN Group) and BIDDO. If we can support your organization in making the right choices when it comes to inspection & remarketing, you can count on expert advice.