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What is automotive remarketing?

Automotive remarketing is the field within the automotive industry in which Vi Automotive specializes. It has become a bit of a container concept, but in fact, automotive remarketing stands for the professional reallocation of large volumes of cars. It is probably one of the most innovative aspects in the automotive industry. Remarketing has many part facets. Think of inspection, logistics, sales methodology, document handling. Actually, the automotive remarketing is an industry in itself. Vi Automotive has gained extensive knowledge within the automotive industry as one of the few parties of lease remarketing, but also of retail and wholesale remarketing, on an international level. This knowledge is at your disposal.

Remarketing developments

The automotive remarketing industry has been digitized at a rapid pace in recent years. this meant that remarketing processes became more transparent and faster. Trafficking, digital photography, fast internet, mobile internet were the cause of a revolution in the remarketing of a previously traditionally established industry. Many tax changes resulted in an import and export impulse for the remarketing industry. Think as an example of the BPM refund for cars with a part I after 15 October 2006 or the low tax on cars with low CO emissions.

Vi Automotive & Remarketing

Vi Automotive closely follows the remarketing industry and can help people and organizations with the decision-making process regarding remarketing. Vi Automotive follows and uses all modern remarketing methods that are of added value to you and ourselves in your remarketing policy. That is why we can be of service quickly and adequately.