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Automotive Retail & Remarketing

In the automotive retail sector too, changes are taking place in the field of remarketing at a rapid pace. Reason for many dealers to reconsider their remarketing strategy. That is certainly necessary because on the side of their target group, the end user, so much changes that if you do not respond to this as a dealer, the backlog rises quickly with negative consequences for the return.

Changing consumer behavior

Where orientation used to take place through brochures that were gathered in showrooms, the orientation now takes place online. 85% of consumers use search engines, 65% watch videos, 35% compare brand websites, and 21% visit review sites. The result is less but more focused showroom traffic. The customer is already aware of many things thanks to the extensive possibilities on the internet, and comes to a decision after an average of 1.2 showroom visits. Everything then has to go well at once, because the dealer does not get a second chance. Reason to tackle remarketing seriously and to take this development into account in policy terms.

What questions could a dealer ask himself?

  • Will my customer receive the correct trade-in price quickly, in one go and during the first visit?
  • Is my remarketing policy based on a personal preference or on market developments?
  • How quickly is my customer helped?
  • Do all customers bid on all cars or can they be called 'sport fishing'?
  • Do my customers offer on all my opening days and buying nights?
  • What percentage of my customers does not take the car off?
  • Is there sufficient competition between the bidders?
  • Do I have a uniform policy and the same remarketing performance at all locations?
  • Do the bidders also have a higher percentage of claims?
  • Is my process reliable?
  • How well can we carry out inspections of used cars, so that claims are limited?

Other branches

You too often order something online regularly. delivers the same day, the supermarket delivers the groceries in your kitchen, and Amazon does tests with delivery by drone. Your customer has already been spoiled by other suppliers and expects you to do the same.

Vi Automotive knows the retail remarketing and can assist you in policy and implementation.