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Independent intermediary in car leasing

Vi Automotive is an independent intermediary in car leasing. Vi has extensive expertise when it comes to the leasing of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Vi Automotive is a partner of several large leasing companies. We know the market and know which provider is good in which cars. Vi Automotive can provide you with a sound advice on contract form, contract conditions and a car scheme.

Is there a lot of difference in car lease contracts?

You may think that most lease contracts are similar. For 80% that is also true. But the important difference is in the 20% difference. Vi Automotive gives good advice on the basis of an intake interview. This covers the issues that may be important to you. Consider aspects such as:

  • What happens if I want to get rid of my contract? Can I make clear agreements about this in advance?

  • My mobility needs change. Can I change car?

  • Is leasing a used car interesting?
  • Can I freely choose suppliers from maintenance and / or damage?
  • What happens if I drive less or more kilometers?
  • Which car scheme do I conclude with my driver?
  • Will I be rewarded if I have few damage?
  • I am a starter. Are you eligible for a lease contract?

Leasing is people's business

Leasing is common in the business market. However, leasing is also a long-term obligation, which you should use sensibly. Vi Automotive is a professional in car leasing and knows the opportunities and risks of the various contracts and lasemaatschappijen. Make use of our knowledge.

What is the revenue model of Vi Automotive?

Vi Automotive is paid per contract by the leasing company where we jointly contract the contract. The advice will not be charged to you. There is no obligation to any leasing company. In many cases, a leasing company chooses to use all or part of the business independently for entrepreneurs instead of their own personnel for the sale of its contracts.