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Interim assignments

Sometimes organizations need temporary management support for specific issues or specific fields. At Vi Automotive you can, depending on the agenda in the upcoming period, make an appeal. You can think of commercial turnarounds, temporary replacement of vacant management vacancies or sparring partner in the field of remarketing for example.

Vi Automotive has a large network of specialists in every area within the automotive industry. Vi Automotive was founded by Rolf van Essen. Rolf has a long automotive history. Competent results have been achieved with competencies in the field of commercial strategy, policy and implementation. At both MKB Lease, Autoveiling Nederland and BIDDO, successful commercial activities have started in a few years, which have grown rapidly and are still producing excellent returns to this day.

We have a more specific knowledge in the field of:

  • business development
  • international remarketing and wholesale
  • used car management
  • business market operation
  • leasing
  • car hire

Our core values ​​in fulfilling interim assignments are:

Every client makes a photo of the future situation in mind. Together we determine the way to it. Vi Automotive does not rest before this result is achieved

A focus on only the result often leads tot to fast results. However, this result will be short-term because the human capital is being damaged. Vi Automotive builds results with respect for people.

Organizations have often become entangled in restrictive convictions and methods that have been well established years ago, but can now become much more efficient. Vi Automotive has knowledge of the most modern methodsklei / systems and best practices in the market where business has been successfully implemented.

No nonsense
Vi Automotive has little to do with top down and arrogance. We are accessible and down to earth in terms of company and people. In Holland we often use the expression "with the feet in the clay", and this fits us better than theroretical plans that stumble on the practice.

Informed opinion
In the automotive industry, and certainly in remarketing, many decisions are taken on the gut feeling, and there is nothing wrong with that. But when it comes to strategic decisions, it is important to have clear support based on facts in addition to this gut feeling. We like to spend enough time on this, so that you can enjoy the course you have chosen for a long time.

Delivering promises
Too often and too often interim assignments are seen as hiring people. On the basis of the time spent on an assignment, the settlement takes place. The end result is often lost. Vi Automotive will never rest before the end result is achieved, because this is what really counts.

Passion and enthusiasm
We still think the automotive industry is the nicest industry, about which we never stop talking. Our clients notice this; we just enjoy it. If you consider your work as a hobby, you never have to work.